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Deadline for Applications is March 7th!!!


Ben Buck Memorial Scholarship

Benjamin Buck was the fun loving 7 yr. old son of Ken Buck, the Athletic Trainer at West Mesquite High School. He loved going to his daddy’s games especially the basketball games, where he could roll his wheelchair all over the gym. Ben had Osteogenises Imperfecta (brittle bones). He was in a research study at St. Jude’s Hospital. He loved going to his T-Ball games, and had a lot of good memories of our t-ball games together. He once refused his turn at bat, because Daddy had not made it to the game. His sister said that she would push him around the bases, He told her, "go away, baseball is for boys”.    Benjamin Buck 1997-2004.


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Eddie Lane, Cash Birdwell, Elmer Brown Scholarship


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